If you have ever been faced with having to change the oil in your car, then this article will be a great learning tool. Your car is one of the single most important things in your life. From taking the kids to school, to taking you to work, traveling around the country or just to visit a friend, you will need to keep the oil in your car changed. When you change the oil in your car as suggested by experts, your engine runs better while allowing the other parts of your car to perform at their optimal level. These are some suggestions and tips from experts that will help with changing the oil in your car the correct way.

If the engine is cold then run it for about 5 minutes to warm up the cold oil. If the engine is hot, then turn the car off to keep from getting burned from the hot oil. Remember to use a metrically sized box end wrench for the plug. Do not use an adjustable wrench or socket for the plug. Always use the jack and stand. It is dangerous to work under a car that is being supported by the jack only. Coat the oil filter gasket with new oil. Never use a filter wrench to tighten the filter. This needs to be done by hand. Have the oil bottles lined up near you, so that you don’t lose count and put too much into the oil reserve. You will need rags, a rubber mallet, safety glasses and a wrench set in which to work. You will also need engine oil, an oil filter, an oil filter gasket and a container for the used oil.

The steps into changing your oil in your car include:

  1. Place plastic sheets on the ground to prevent the oil from ruining the ground and pull your car over the plastic. This also allows for easy clean up after the job is done.
  2. Jack up the car and place the jack stand underneath the vehicle and then lower the car to where it is on top of the jack stand.
  3. You will need to place the oil filter pan underneath to catch the draining oil. You will also need to have your tools and oil and everything else needed for the oil change nearby.
  4. Unscrew and pull the plug and quickly move it away from the streaming oil. Clean the drain plug and install a new gasket if needed on the plug. You will need to tighten the gasket by tapping the box end wrench with the rubber mallet.
  5. Make sure and place a small amount of new oil on the gasket. Allow the old oil to drain in the pan.
  6. Once the old oil gets to a trickle, wipe the excess oil with a rag.

The entire process should take about twenty minutes. After you have finished under the car, you may lower the car and place the new oil inside. You will need about 5 quarts of oil. Experts suggest that you change your oil every five thousand miles or every three thousand miles if you are constantly driving under extreme conditions.